Monday, June 23, 2008

Interviewed on

got interviewed on

much respects to Emcee David for the hook up! keep ur eyes and ears open for more!

Peace One

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Finally after years in the making, i've decided to stop making!

i've finally come to terms that my "sound" is yet again changing. So the songs that are done for my "album" will be released as a ergh hmm "Limited Edition EP" i'll only be doing like 100 to 200 copies and selling it at rm15 each... hey cost of printing not cheap you know! think wat KL ah?

so the track listing before i send the cd of for duplication is:

1. Bring The Heat Back
2. Just Turn It On
3. Romance
4. Take Your Time
5. New York Style
6. This Is How My Heart Speaks

track 6 is actually on RTM Sabah's English Urban Charts at the moment! fuuuuuyoooooo

might most prob throw in some bonuses like THE HIT feat. Tha Dragon, and some rhymes i recorded here and there.

Till i announce the release...

Peace One