Sunday, July 19, 2009


How y'all been?

seems like its been ages since i last wrote something down here.
So.... whats been up?
Nothing much good... except a few trips down to KL was hella dope! Finally working on an EP with a hush hush EMCEE at the moment. Also big shout outs to the ROGUE SQUADRON for being cool and all and being hella nice too.

FINALLY performed in KL! The Rogue Squad's monthly BOMB SHELTER! *check the previous post*
Crowd was 100% hiphop for real! For once performing to a crowd that LISTENS to your lyrics... scary at the same time what you look for! They were even MC's out in the crowds... Micwrecka, Saph from SSK, C.Loco plus the regular Rogue Heads! Looking at them reacting to lines where the shit!
Plus it was Schizzow's album release! holla if u want a copy. Jin Hackman's album too... that i have stock with me!

Other than look out for beats i'm crafting for Jin, Schizzow and Family Boy dropping soon.
as for the EP with that other rapper... hint? C.O.M

Peace One
*no pics cause i didn't bring one with me... hmm.. check out my FB!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

if your in KL...

You Need to go to THE BOMB SHELTER! A monthly Hiphop night organised by
The Rogue Squadron...
Plus i'll be gracing the mic!! Would love to meet up with KK, Sarawak, Labuan peeps who are hiphop heads and who are in KL!! Drop by!

Peace One