Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why the silence....

Been busy LAH! what u think??? Scratching my balls and web surfing all freaking day ah? well... partly anyways.. hehehehe...

So let me introduce to you some new sounds coming out of KK City.........


This band rocks! well if they didn't they wouldn't be here would they? duuuhhh....

for me they have a very Smashing Pumpkins vibe but still hold on to the 80's funk rock guitar swagger! you'll get the idea... once i get clearance from the band to put a song up here.

Till then... enjoy my silence and let others "Bring The Noize"
Peace One

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I call this....

Most people would call it a Mixtape... only problem is its only a quarter of a song.
And its done over Jay'Zs - P.S.A. instrumental from his Black Album.

So i dubbed it.. DECIPHER's monthly RhymeOver ..

peep the link below and behold... this is for November

Decipher's November RhymeOver

Peace One

Friday, October 10, 2008

am i EVER gonna release my ALBUM?

Its been what... 2 - 3 Years since the interview with Daily Express on me releasing my A L B U M

That like a 4 letter word for me now!

Till this day the track list on the "Album" has not really settled. Its slow moves in and out. Some songs i thought didn't suit the feel of the album was taken off then put back on again. Stuff like that.
Then the thought or releasing 2 Ep's popped to mind. 1st one should have been out in June! I got engaged in May so my err... "excuse" is that it err... slipped my mind!

But in all seriousness... The split EP thing makes sense and CENTS! its more affordable for me to do it that way since both EP's will only be a 100 units and wait.... think my calculations if off... f*uck it! hfoewhfovh398ry717r2137t-9uoewfd-2948y98y2g9vyhpwHGWVBwrpb mjerpjhb

Damn... anyways i'll be releasing another single on Suria.FM by end of the month and i might post a link for download. Till then i'm trying not to crack my pigy bank to release my EP's

God Bless

Peace One

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Radio Airplay on SURIA FM

Ladies and Gents,

we are proud to announce that our song FORGET NOT will be played on air TOMORROW morning. FRIDAY on SURIA FM

It'll be put up on the morning show at 6am to 10am with the song rumored to be played at 8am.

and yes they will be an on Air LIVE interview at 7.30am

so all of that are driving ur self or ur loved ones to work or school... TUNE in to

Suria FM Kota Kinabalu 105.9
Suria FM Lembah Klang 105.3

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DIGITAL LICKS release single

Ladies and gents.
As 1/2 of Digital Licks i present to our 1st single.

In conjunction with our Merdeka celebration around the corner, this song goes out to all the war heroes we DON'T KNOW.

Let us not forget their sacrifices and the hell the went thru for us to be where we are today.

Digital Licks Salute YOU.

p.s. yes the link is at the "single" sana tu....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

News August 08

Howdy y'all.

How's life treating u guys and gals? Me. Hell a tormented month!! But hey we all have to live thru hell right?

So music news! Just wrapped up a song with Rainer under the name Locust Day Dream. Shit... i have no idea where the site adds went to... anyways... The track is called Devotion with Rainer on vocals and guitar and yours truly here on beats, efx and turntables. Track should be up for ears to listen to soon.

On another personal side project. After years of planning and thinking and ideas and planning and talking, a project thats been dear to my heart and dreams is finally hitting the studio, iMotion Productions Sdn. Bhd. studio to be exact! Ladies and gents i officially present:


yeah... no blog or nothing is up yet since we're only writting the track tonite. But i can tell you who are Digital Licks. Me, Yours truly ChrisPereira a.k.a. DECIPHER and Jessel CY
Who are we.... well... producers who use to produce under Jazz Tha Chemical.
Raise to fame... The 2 remixes on Atama's Album.
- Put Your Hands In The Air (Rockin Remix)
- Taragang Rasuk (She Just Teasin Remix)
and also some remixes here and there that you wont find on the net. so search those two out.

We both started in a band around 2000 under the name Mozart's Ghost. Jessel was on guitar i was on Vocals. Rapcore shit! Claim to Fame
- Opening act for Love Me Butch showcase
- Closing band for Informatics promnite
- Youth Fest @ Razmatazz
and tons other which i totally forgot!

So after all these years and planning. Its now the right time for us to do what we do best. Breakthru shit. Stuff ppl wouldn't think could come out of KK. Wait for it. 1st single will be on air before Merdeka. it'll free for downloading too.

2 of the best to do what we do.

Peace One

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mixing Session(s)

Holla peeps!

Have to put some of my production duties on the back burner for a bit. Massive mixing session!! An album's worth of songs i previously mixed (that secret project) has to be re-done. Executive heads voiced out that its a bit on the heavy side and needs to be commercialized a bit. Dang it. Means i got to pull back on the guitars and up the vocals.

In doing so i realized i got to redo the drum mixes as well, which basically re-setting all the tracks back to zero and starting fresh!

So back to that zone where u have to envision how the track is going to sound before its done and guide it to that direction in the mix.... hence the reason i love my job... i llluuuurrrrrvvveee mixing!

Hell its tiring and at times confusing... but when u get to here the end process versus the beginning stage... Magic mutha *uckas.

Peace One

ps. big ups to the band for having the patience for the magic to work...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something Analog

Ladies and Gents, esp those kind enough to read this here Blog. I thank you for your attention.

You read the title kan? OK... SOMETHING ANALOG

is a brand spanking new something so freakin different that you wouldn't believe!

Its a combination of talents... yours truly and Rainer Yong!
hhahahahahaha... eh... seriouly.

I'll be handling the beats and efx while Rainer will be manning the Guitar and Vox.
How will we sound... Err... take a listen to Team Sleep and you'll get the idea.
Quick 411 on Rainer will be up once i refresh my memory.

We should be starting work as soon as tomorrow! ahh.. bless the internet and e-mail. Even tho we're both in KK, we're tired of looking at each others ugly face!

On other news... i'll be playing Chill out and Laid Back music for the Sabahan Blogger's Gathering! (Will post more info on this later too)

Finishing a Beat for ThaRandomMC, and starting production on 2 tracks for Russell of SoulChamber.

Also in talk to do a remix of one of Infinatez song.

Really lazy now... and i need to record my own stuff too....

Peace One

Monday, June 23, 2008

Interviewed on MalaysianEmcee.com

got interviewed on


much respects to Emcee David for the hook up! keep ur eyes and ears open for more!

Peace One

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Finally after years in the making, i've decided to stop making!

i've finally come to terms that my "sound" is yet again changing. So the songs that are done for my "album" will be released as a ergh hmm "Limited Edition EP" i'll only be doing like 100 to 200 copies and selling it at rm15 each... hey cost of printing not cheap you know! think wat KL ah?

so the track listing before i send the cd of for duplication is:

1. Bring The Heat Back
2. Just Turn It On
3. Romance
4. Take Your Time
5. New York Style
6. This Is How My Heart Speaks

track 6 is actually on RTM Sabah's English Urban Charts at the moment! fuuuuuyoooooo

might most prob throw in some bonuses like THE HIT feat. Tha Dragon, and some rhymes i recorded here and there.

Till i announce the release...

Peace One

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a lil' 411

I was toooooo lazy to write EVERYTHING down... so i just dotted someout on Notepad and copied it over here... one of these days when i'm really rajin i'll post up my WHOLE info. if i can remember la....

The Rapaholics - 1999 to 2001

Mozart's Ghost - 2000 to 2002

Founding Member of NBC - 1999 to 2003

Featuring in albums

- Sekar Medusa + upus upus (remix)

- Atama + She Just Teasin Remix
+ Can't Stop The Sumazau Remix

- Max + Surat Khabar Lama

- Esther + No, No, No

- Lydia Kalidin + Tupus Ku

- Richado + Bayaha


Persatuan Arkitek Sabah + Produce remix (Jazz The Chemical Remix)

Atama + Produced 2 remix with my production partner Jessel
under the name Jazz The Chemical.
(She Just Teasin Remix & Can't Stop The Sumazau Remix)

Kinabalu Kings + Recorded, Mixed and produced 1 remix on their
debut SINGLE

Jonathan Tse + Recorded (Debut album)

Richado + Recorded, co-mix (album) and co-produced 1 song
Sumandak Kota Marudu

Memorable Christmas 2005 + Recorded, Mix and Mastered (album)

Arah Kiri + Recorded, Mix & Mastered (2 demo's & 1 Album)

Mantak + Recorded (1 album)

DeLasagos + Recorded, Mix (multi single)

Radio Gravity + Recorded, Mix, co-produced (1 demo & 1 album)

Andalusia + Recorded and Mixed (1 single)

Jiaja + Recorded, Mix and Master (Debut Album, in progress)

Sasuka + Recorded, Mix and Master (Debut Album, in progress)

Roman Dewi + Recorded, Mix, co-produce (Debut Album, in progress)

Soul Chamber + Record, Mix, co-produce (debut demo, in progress)

Peace One

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Softwares. A blessing and a curse. For those who can't play musical instruments... i couldn't play shit 3 year back. Software is everything.
I "use" to live on samples. For those who don't know, its snippets of audio, a bass line, a keyboard playing 4 chords. I use to take bits and pieces and put it all together as something new. Shit i still do that, just not as dependent as before la...
The 3 songs you can here from my blog and the one i put up for download were all done on SONY ACID PRO 6. 100% loops...

Anyways just to sum things up since my mind suddenly just went blank... now a days i use multiple software to create a song... i finally pieced the flow of linking softwares when i was working at RAM Production. Now i'm working at a iMotion Production. for those who are using softwares like Cakewalk or Cubase for production, try using the ReWire function. even Fruity Loops has it.

Ok enuff is enuff... my production is something like this, work flow wise

- Start thing off with the drums on Fruity Loops
- Rearrange it and add elements with Acid Pro
- Add MIDI and more stuff on Sonar 6
- Export all the Fruity and Acid stuff to individual wave (Satu channel = Satu Wave file)
- Bring it all into Sonar and record vocals and Mix in Sonar 6
- Edit and Master the wave file in Sound Forge 8

now my secret is 50% exposed. the rest is 40% pure luck / skill and 10% my sample and sound library

Peace One

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bring The Heat Back

This is a link to a Promo version... only 2 verses of this song...
Lyrics are on a previous post. Don't be shy y'all do leave comments.


Oh... i'm not really happy wit the mix of this song yet....

Peace One

(if the link doesn't open a page, kindly copy n paste the address to ur browser... working on a better filehosting)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LYRICS: Bring The Heat Back

Bring Back The Heat

I Bring The Heat, i Bring The Heat Back,
No need to look forward, if u still moving back x4

The time has come to distinguish fans from critiques,
wannabes and pure addicts,
posers and microphone handlers,
consumers and abused users,
the intellects and those trying to connect,
the movement supporters and those stuck at the moment,
those who emcee to spark dead cells,
and those who emcee just to sell,
a thin line bordered by a bombastic gap,
welcome to the sounds of backpackin rap,
the pure essence, not just words,
but poetic sentence, the reason rewind buttons were invented,
check the vocab of this local vocal,
within the system like Ghost In The Shell,
the one u love to hate,
since 98, spittin future wisdom u couldn't relate
so i had to bring the heat back,
show u how hiphop is hiphop,
not something u cud pick the mic,
switch ur name and just start to rap

I create beats that bangs,
if u head noddin, peep'in the lyrics,
i can put away the mic and stop lettin my head hang,
stop dancing for a moment and let ur head think,
the music's been the same for the past 10 years,
same voices same faces, same music just different covers,
still sellin thousands of tapes, dumb luck,
or they've got 4 leaf clovers,
but thats it, its stagnant no movement, thats why we are where we still are,
and not crossing oceans,
its called playing it safe, why u wanna change if the people is still buying,
people are still buying coz they gave up on change,
only a handfull believe in moving forward,
the rest are stuck in time,
since they came out in the 80's, their fans are still making babies,
stuck with the same melody, same progression and same production
thinks i'm stating the obvious and killing a nation?
when was the last time u saw a Sabahan's video clip on TV stations

yeah i bounce it back to the days,
when mc's spit for reason,
now its just spittin for vengeance and spitting for venom,
but that be a different topic for a different day,
back to the present,
what u hear in your ear ain't logical mind play,
i look far forward, sonic soundscapes,
that explains your minds flat escapades,
Digital Licks mutha*,
Pioneers of the new age,
Loosen up ur ear drums, let ur mind out of its cage,
1-3-5 mentality ain't good enuff for musical dexterity,
i say it sincerely, the music is good, its just done poorly,
how we supposed to move ahead, if u ain't wakin up early,
they say talk is cheap, but lets face it,
you ain't running since talking means that u ain't spending,
u wanna say i'm fuckin up the culture,
i say i represent the culture since no ones seem to have seen the culture.

Copyright to CCPereira/EMP

Monday, April 14, 2008

News: April 08

Whut up peeps of all creeps of nature!

It's been 2 years since the article of my album came out. And guess what? Still NO ALBUM!

Waaahahhahaha... freaking sad i tell you.

Here's a quick rundown on why it ain't out yet.

- Got involved with a new production company: iMotion Production Sdn. Bhd.
- Found the girl of my dreams and getting engaged!
- Setting up the studio in iMo and getting the software n hardware to work properly
- Found out new ways of doing chord progression
- Working on Jiaja's debut album
- Working on Sasuka's EP

and on my album side:
- Deciding which tracks to keep and which to put in the "Useless" or "Maybe" bin
- Filtering my lyrics. Basically redoing most of it
- Than realize it might be a good idea to just release 2 EP's in a year.

oh... and also trying to get money into our company!

Now for better news... Sabah's very 1st HipHop compilation
So far the people / group thats gonna lace the album is:





trying to get Kinabalu Kings into the fold... if i can find where they are at the moment.

all in all life's still messy as usual.

peep the link to my amp page to hear my stuff

Peace One