Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why the silence....

Been busy LAH! what u think??? Scratching my balls and web surfing all freaking day ah? well... partly anyways.. hehehehe...

So let me introduce to you some new sounds coming out of KK City.........


This band rocks! well if they didn't they wouldn't be here would they? duuuhhh....

for me they have a very Smashing Pumpkins vibe but still hold on to the 80's funk rock guitar swagger! you'll get the idea... once i get clearance from the band to put a song up here.

Till then... enjoy my silence and let others "Bring The Noize"
Peace One

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I call this....

Most people would call it a Mixtape... only problem is its only a quarter of a song.
And its done over Jay'Zs - P.S.A. instrumental from his Black Album.

So i dubbed it.. DECIPHER's monthly RhymeOver ..

peep the link below and behold... this is for November

Decipher's November RhymeOver

Peace One