Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes yes yes... Saying goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010. with a very quick look to the future and a lil moment to reminisce, Please feel free to dwnload my track "FEELS GOOD"
its free... so just go dwnload it


Peace One

Friday, December 18, 2009

the last of my December Rap Over series... see in ya in 2010

Here it is... the last one for this month. Rapping over Self Scientific's - Long Run

enjoy... 2010 C.O.M

Dec Rap Over - Stupify

Peace One

Monday, December 14, 2009

December Rap Over

OMG... hahahah yeah rite...
Here's more donwloads for ya! download ja laah... suda la F R E E

December Rap Over - Thoughts (Nas's Your Da Man)

December Rap Over - Basic (Dilated People's Love And War)

Peace One

Interview with Sabahan Songs

Joanna Funk... coolest name ever. Was kind enough to drop by iMotion to do a quick interview. Heheheh proud to be her 1st video interview too... here it is

Peace One

Friday, November 13, 2009

i got a new toy... KRK RokIt 6

So... i blame SESB for my good fortune.
With the bad fluctuation of electricity lately, aside from my room lights dying every 2 weeks, my Alesis M1Active 620 died. 1 of it anyways. Its internal power board got FRIED. SMX out in KL, love u guys, didn't have stock replacement of the board so they helped me out by shipping in the KRK RokIt 6. Hey... i still have to pay them ok...

So how do these new toys look compared with the Alesis?
KRK's are the yellow ones. Colour wise they win! hahaha
Was actually surpriced to find out that the Alesis is actually bigger in size than the KRK's. Small issue. but....... as always a but...
hard to see from this angle but the KRK's are in fact much Wider depth wise. does that make sense? lebih panjang la kira. hahahaha
But... ahhh anoher but. 1 thing i miss from the Alesis
The small fact that u can adjust the highs n lows to "fit" the sound of the room. which now compared to the KRK's
Only adjustments are for highs.

Now on too how it works...
ITS FREAKIN DOPE. the low's are damn TIGHT! clear too... Highs are there just nice so are the mids. the lows are a lil tooo upfront but can't complain. overall this set of monitors rock! Now i'm wondering how i got thru with the Alesis.
I'm not saying the Alesis is bad or anything but for the type of music/bands i'm working with now... the KRK's match me more. Alesis i would use for Jazz/ Pop stuff. but for Rocks/Metal/hiphop even. the KRK's win hands down.

And it's taking me faster to adapt to the KRK than the Alesis. which is another surprise. Normally mau juga a month or 2 before my ears can get use to a new monitor. but these... damn... 2 weeks and its almost there.

SO if ur starting out a home setup or looking for a budget 6" monitor speakers.
1. KRK
2. Alesis

i'll do with both.

Peace One

Thursday, September 17, 2009

for you Reakwon fans...

yes believe me the album is DOPE! i got the leaked copy but u cats need to hunt and get that CD. this album fills in the gap in hiphop thats been missing! PASSION!

This is real PLANNING

You have to admit... dude has balls

Sunday, September 6, 2009


hey all... bagi yg malas mau download the song from my previous post this is for YOU!

Thanks to Joanna Funk for putting something together really2x10 fast!
for u lazy sooo lazy that download pun susah... here is Digital Licks - Forget Not


Peace One

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

we WON!

Yessir! we won Homegrown's Merdeka Songwriting Competition and got a cash prize and a live interview on 8TV's Quickie on the 31st of August.

sorry for the lack of pictures at the moment. We're waiting on friends in KL to send up the pics!

So for all of you that missed out on the track here it is,
my side project with Jessel.

Download the song by clicking HERE

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Significant Video

If you don't get it. You just don't.

Peace One

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Free stuff.... 1 i've put up before another what i never got around to uploading.
Part of my tak berapa jadi RAP-Over series...



take it as it is....


Sunday, July 19, 2009


How y'all been?

seems like its been ages since i last wrote something down here.
So.... whats been up?
Nothing much good... except a few trips down to KL was hella dope! Finally working on an EP with a hush hush EMCEE at the moment. Also big shout outs to the ROGUE SQUADRON for being cool and all and being hella nice too.

FINALLY performed in KL! The Rogue Squad's monthly BOMB SHELTER! *check the previous post*
Crowd was 100% hiphop for real! For once performing to a crowd that LISTENS to your lyrics... scary at the same time what you look for! They were even MC's out in the crowds... Micwrecka, Saph from SSK, C.Loco plus the regular Rogue Heads! Looking at them reacting to lines where the shit!
Plus it was Schizzow's album release! holla if u want a copy. Jin Hackman's album too... that i have stock with me!

Other than look out for beats i'm crafting for Jin, Schizzow and Family Boy dropping soon.
as for the EP with that other rapper... hint? C.O.M

Peace One
*no pics cause i didn't bring one with me... hmm.. check out my FB!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

if your in KL...

You Need to go to THE BOMB SHELTER! A monthly Hiphop night organised by
The Rogue Squadron...
Plus i'll be gracing the mic!! Would love to meet up with KK, Sarawak, Labuan peeps who are hiphop heads and who are in KL!! Drop by!

Peace One

Thursday, June 25, 2009

For those attending MY STORY

and also for those NOT!

here is the song i'm gonna be doing that night. The track is called BRING THE HEAT BACK. this track means a lot to me because its one of the tons that i do which i ACTUALLY like!
It talks about the hiphop scene and general scene of SABAH musical adventure. Kindda. Listen and have fun!

Can't wait to pull this of at My Story on the 27th June 2009 at Halo Cafe, City Mall!!

My Story on FB


Peace One.

*drop a line/comment if u wanna see the lyrics!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shizzow from ROGUE SQUAD

Dude has released a MV for his song Beautiful Imperfection. Done DIY style! Peep skills!

Chun sial...

FARAH... lets do one!!

Peace ONE

Friday, June 19, 2009

Words that matters

Killer Lyrics.....

Ras Kass - Rassasination (1st verse)

You ain't got enough calcium
to have a bone to pick wit' me
Like a gracie I choke a nigga out wit' his own gi
on me, fuck they whole batallion
I'll chop ya head off and wear ya skull
like sophmore medallions, papi
I'm the one wit da million dolla' smile
and three dollars to my name
puttin black eyes in the game like mascara
Diabetic MC's must think shit is sweet
these venomous techniques, I leave heat
A nigga gots to have it in these streets
Bubble eyed G-S on they teams wit beats
Screamin, "I'll make ya famous,"
Write my rhymes in alien
and battle niggas in sign language
Cowards make a little cheese then enlarge
artificially, like Pamela Anderson Lee's double D's,
I'm bangin from Belize to Tel Aviv on the Red Sea
Racin' Saddam Hussein on Kawasaki jet ski's

Rage Against The Machine - Maria
The sun ablaze as Maria's foot
touches the surface of sand
On northern land, as human contraband
Some rico from Jalisco passed her name to the Boss
She stuffed ten to a truckbed, she clutches her cross
Here comes the exhaust and it rips through her lungs
She's off fast to the pasture, like cattle she'll cross
Degree 106, sweat and vomit are thrown
And she prays and suffocates upon the memories of home
Of Yanqui guns for blood debts on the loans
Of smoldering fields rape rubble and bones
Of graves hidden trapped up in visions of war
Of nothing, no one, nobody, NO MORE!

These are her mountains and skies and she radiates..
Through history's rivers of blood, she regenerates..
And like the sun disappears only to reappear..
She's eternally here...her time is near
Never conquered but HERE..


And now she got a quota
The needle and thread crucifixion
Sold and shipped across the new line of Mason Dixon
Rippin' through denim the point an inch from her vein
The foreman approach, his steps now pound in her brain
His presence it terrifies and eclipses her days
No minutes to rest, no moment to pray
And with a whisper, he whips her,
her soul chained to his will
"My job is to kill if you forget to take your pill"
Her arms jerks, the sisters gather round her and scream
As if in a dream, eyes on the crimson stream
Numb as her wrists spit shots of blood to the floor
I am nothing, no one, nobody, NO MORE!

These are her mountains and skies and she radiates..
And through history's rivers of blood, she regenerates..
And like the sun disappears only to reappear...Maria..
She's eternally here...her time is near
Never conquered BUT HERE..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I needed to see this...

Cause it put me in a good mood. 2 West Coast hiphop dudes. Kurupt... the rhyme spitter. And DJ Quik... Legendary West Coast Beatsmith

Peace One

Ahh,,, when lyricist pops up.

Shout outto JinHackman and Wordsmanifest. A.U.R. and Russell SDK

This came about when i was surfing the net and YouTube to get inspiration to bang out beats. Been on a dry spell for almost 2 weeks!!! like WTF!!!!!

Peep skillz

Dude is sick.

Next up my main rhyme influence... the one and only Kurupt!

Peace One

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shout Awards!!

All i got to say to u all is....

Peace One

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yo... you all HAVE to SEEEE this... nuff said...

Peace One

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SASUKA will be playing in KL!!!

Not gonna say much for now just READ IT!!! esp the list of Bands playing on the 9th of May 2009!!!! Congrats guys!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Look what i found...

A cool online "show" produced by Sabah's own Mia Palencia...

without further delays...


and my fav episode....

Peace One

Friday, April 10, 2009


What is you ask...

the hottest rhyme spitter in Malaysian hiphop to date!


Well... actually his err... CD is la... limited quantity is coming over next week! Buggers better buy it! Dah la RM20 ja... or is it RM18! You'll know once the cd is here! Plus you'll get to here the production i did for that album... may it be only 1 song. But its on a freaking hot album u MOFO's

oh yeah CD is available for haters too... hehehe...


Peace One!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nukie D's Interview with....


dude's are doing their stuff!

much respect

i'll post up more on whats going on with me a lil later....

Peace One

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm featured on SILVERHAND!

Its a cool new place to show off and shop ur art work and talent! Basicly a one stop creative spot! Based right here in Kota Kinabalu... Yours truly.. eh hmmm... kena picked out of the haystack for the feature spot!

Supposed to put this up like err.... 3 weeks ago...


click click the one up there!

Peace One

Project E.A.R.

yeah the song is from a soundtrack... but damn these guys brought it to another level!

Monday, March 16, 2009

FRONTMAN COMPANY finally release EP

Yes Yes... another group of people i was happy to work with. FRONTMAN COMPANY.
Just recently released their debut self-titled EP. Available for only RM8.00

Of the 4 songs on the EP, Bangkit has entered Suria FM station PLAYLIST! woohoo

Anyways holla at cha boi for a COPY!

Peace One

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Recording Session off my "Need To Do List"

ENGINEER: yours truly!

Equipment: SSL 4000 G+ 48 Channel Analog Mixer. Recorded thru ProTools.

Instruments: Drums - Yamaha (UMS's)

Guitar Amp - Marshall JCM 800 if i'm not mistaken

Bass Amp - Jiaja's own Fender.

Instruments other than the drum - Jiaja sendiri bawa.

oh yeah Keyboard - Korg Triton (UMS's) only used as a guide.

Soooooooooo.... lets get techy!

Since UMS's studio has tons of mics... i went half all out! ahahahah...
best ni... buka 2 almari and all u see are mics... mics mics mics mics...
non of those cheapo stuff too! i think the cheapest would be their Shure SM57's

So lets kick off with the mic setups for the

Overheads - Used to capture the overall drum kit sound with emphasis on the cymbals.
Since we had a 48 Channel mixer... i used 4 yes FOUR overheads.
2 x AKG C 3000 B and 2 x Audio Technica AT4050

Your basic OH lay out

Since i used 4 overheads. The next time you hire me to record at UMS. Then you'll see how i do it. hahhhaa...

Toms - Biasa loh.. Single mic on each. It was a clip mic... i just don't remember the model.
AKG something something... along the lines of this.

Kick - This one was kindda basic. Didn't mess with it much since they had a darn good kick Mic.
AKG D112. Just stuck it in the kick move here and there a bit. Chun.

Hi Hat - This one also didn't mess much... damn. can't really remembered what i used... hmm...
Should have been this Shure SM81. Where did i place it... at the hihat looo... hehehe

Snare - This one i had fun with. I was doing some sessions at RAM when
Roger Wang showed me a recording mag with a special section on Drum Miking.
Ok. The standard technique would be to just mic the top with a dynamic mic
and the bottom of the snare with a condenser.
With the option to phase reverse either during mixing.
Then the mag mentioned another technique with an extra condenser mic on the
SIDE of the snare.
Where? Cari sendiri! hahah... I used an SM57 for the top, Shure SM81 for the bottom
and an AKG C414 for the side. Use with caution, wrong placement might cause serious
phase problems during mixing.

All this was tracked thru ProTools going thru the killer chun every audio engineers dream mixer. The SSL!!! Only thing touched during the whole process was minor Compression and EQ. Both utilising the SSL killer chun onboard channel strips.

Nazri was playing on his Fender Strat going to the Head of the JCM Marshall before going to
the cabinets. Which was placed in another room for isolation. The whole band played together
and that Marshall is loud! Nice loud! Mic'd it using a Neumann TLM and a Shure SM57.

His guitar track was recorded dry with no efx as the Marshall's distortion was the sweetest distortion i've heard in awhile, his 1st chords out of the Genelec Monitors were grrrr! Only thing added onto the signal line was a tad of compression from the SSL's channel strip for both the TLM and SM57 signals.

Well... thats about it for now... the bass was a lil let down since the bass amp at UMS went MISSING! So miked up Naza's Bass with an AKG D112.

The keyboard? Since it was just a guide and Jim was gonna replay at iMotion Productions. Yeah my baby that. We just went line in to the SSL and took a feed out to ProTools.

3 Days of studio magic using and SSL... an SSL!

Now i can take - RECORDING USING AN SSL - off my To Do List.

Peace One

Friday, February 13, 2009

What's Stuck In My Player...

Not gonna write much on this. If u get to listen to it y'all will know i mean.

Malique - album title: OK
- Get the ALBUM. If u love Malaysian Music and you love hiphop... This is the album to get!
Here's a quick peek

Malique on Channel V's AMP
Malique on ReverbNation

Emcee David - album title: Just Listen
- After waiting for so long. He released his whole album ONLINE! for FREE! For a limited time.
You can have a peek at the what your gonna get with this
Emcee David ft. Joe Flizzom - Feel So Good

When i got my hands on the album... gila la... that's an album I'd die happy in my grave with.


Emcee David on Channel V's AMP
Emcee David on ReverbNation

Jin Hackman - Radio Single: MC
Dude is mad young and has his album coming out real soon.
I had the opportunity to produce a track on his album called "All Star Cypher"
And also the chance to mix 1 other song called "Train of Thought"
A Malaysian thru and thru even when he rhymes....

And here's more reason to get the album when it drops. (Other than the fact i produced 1 song and mixed 2 songs on his album!)

Jin Hackman's Blog

Altimet - Album Title: First Among Equals
If u know Malaysian HipHop, u know Altimet! 1/3rd of Teh Tarik Crew and in my opinion most deft the top 5 malaysian Emcee of ALL TIME.
Dude was working for soooooooooo long on his 1st full lenght solo album, than when it was done... he released it online. FOR FREE. download it here.

For those of you who are not familiar or not sure what to expect from the album...

Altimet's Blog
Altimet's ReverbNation

Enough for now... too tired copy and pasting links.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me... Not HIP HOP??? Gila KAH!

Ladies and Gents... those that thought i faded from the scene, HIP HOP scene that is...

I just stopped doing F R E E shows! hahahahaha... been trying to step up my production game and also get back my fire for lyrics! Any hoooooots.....

Just to B R A G.... JIN HACKMAN

and.... THIS
now... pay close attention to track number 10 (ten)

reading is believing!

plus i'm also mixing said track and TRAIN OF THOUGHT

Dude has mad skillz! his freestyles, punchlines and metaphors are madd deep. Without sounding SUGAR COATED!
Peep his album teaser...


nuff said

Peace One

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Its a New Year!

Whut up peeps!

It been hell of a 2008! And so far the start of 2009 looks DAMN GOOD.

So quick update...
1st up JIAJA

Their EP's are out! Yes... the 's does mean there are 2 (TWO) Extended Play CDs
both have their own cover... and color scheme...
You can get both from me at iMotion Productions! The very same studio that recorded (the guitars, vocals and extra... DRUMS and bass we're done at both RAM and
UMS, SSL equipped
studio... elo... i did all the recording works at said studios!


2nd on the List is....


They have their CD Single out now!
RM38 including t-shirt and only RM5.oo if just the CD

hehehe... Recorded and mixed at iMotion except for drums recorded at RAM. By me TOO!
holla at me!

For now till later... Peace One