Friday, October 10, 2008

am i EVER gonna release my ALBUM?

Its been what... 2 - 3 Years since the interview with Daily Express on me releasing my A L B U M

That like a 4 letter word for me now!

Till this day the track list on the "Album" has not really settled. Its slow moves in and out. Some songs i thought didn't suit the feel of the album was taken off then put back on again. Stuff like that.
Then the thought or releasing 2 Ep's popped to mind. 1st one should have been out in June! I got engaged in May so my err... "excuse" is that it err... slipped my mind!

But in all seriousness... The split EP thing makes sense and CENTS! its more affordable for me to do it that way since both EP's will only be a 100 units and wait.... think my calculations if off... f*uck it! hfoewhfovh398ry717r2137t-9uoewfd-2948y98y2g9vyhpwHGWVBwrpb mjerpjhb

Damn... anyways i'll be releasing another single on Suria.FM by end of the month and i might post a link for download. Till then i'm trying not to crack my pigy bank to release my EP's

God Bless

Peace One


maslight said...

all the best !!!! XD

Anonymous said...


the piggy bank think yang sakit mau ingat..