Friday, February 13, 2009

What's Stuck In My Player...

Not gonna write much on this. If u get to listen to it y'all will know i mean.

Malique - album title: OK
- Get the ALBUM. If u love Malaysian Music and you love hiphop... This is the album to get!
Here's a quick peek

Malique on Channel V's AMP
Malique on ReverbNation

Emcee David - album title: Just Listen
- After waiting for so long. He released his whole album ONLINE! for FREE! For a limited time.
You can have a peek at the what your gonna get with this
Emcee David ft. Joe Flizzom - Feel So Good

When i got my hands on the album... gila la... that's an album I'd die happy in my grave with.


Emcee David on Channel V's AMP
Emcee David on ReverbNation

Jin Hackman - Radio Single: MC
Dude is mad young and has his album coming out real soon.
I had the opportunity to produce a track on his album called "All Star Cypher"
And also the chance to mix 1 other song called "Train of Thought"
A Malaysian thru and thru even when he rhymes....

And here's more reason to get the album when it drops. (Other than the fact i produced 1 song and mixed 2 songs on his album!)

Jin Hackman's Blog

Altimet - Album Title: First Among Equals
If u know Malaysian HipHop, u know Altimet! 1/3rd of Teh Tarik Crew and in my opinion most deft the top 5 malaysian Emcee of ALL TIME.
Dude was working for soooooooooo long on his 1st full lenght solo album, than when it was done... he released it online. FOR FREE. download it here.

For those of you who are not familiar or not sure what to expect from the album...

Altimet's Blog
Altimet's ReverbNation

Enough for now... too tired copy and pasting links.

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