Friday, November 13, 2009

i got a new toy... KRK RokIt 6

So... i blame SESB for my good fortune.
With the bad fluctuation of electricity lately, aside from my room lights dying every 2 weeks, my Alesis M1Active 620 died. 1 of it anyways. Its internal power board got FRIED. SMX out in KL, love u guys, didn't have stock replacement of the board so they helped me out by shipping in the KRK RokIt 6. Hey... i still have to pay them ok...

So how do these new toys look compared with the Alesis?
KRK's are the yellow ones. Colour wise they win! hahaha
Was actually surpriced to find out that the Alesis is actually bigger in size than the KRK's. Small issue. but....... as always a but...
hard to see from this angle but the KRK's are in fact much Wider depth wise. does that make sense? lebih panjang la kira. hahahaha
But... ahhh anoher but. 1 thing i miss from the Alesis
The small fact that u can adjust the highs n lows to "fit" the sound of the room. which now compared to the KRK's
Only adjustments are for highs.

Now on too how it works...
ITS FREAKIN DOPE. the low's are damn TIGHT! clear too... Highs are there just nice so are the mids. the lows are a lil tooo upfront but can't complain. overall this set of monitors rock! Now i'm wondering how i got thru with the Alesis.
I'm not saying the Alesis is bad or anything but for the type of music/bands i'm working with now... the KRK's match me more. Alesis i would use for Jazz/ Pop stuff. but for Rocks/Metal/hiphop even. the KRK's win hands down.

And it's taking me faster to adapt to the KRK than the Alesis. which is another surprise. Normally mau juga a month or 2 before my ears can get use to a new monitor. but these... damn... 2 weeks and its almost there.

SO if ur starting out a home setup or looking for a budget 6" monitor speakers.
1. KRK
2. Alesis

i'll do with both.

Peace One