Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Softwares. A blessing and a curse. For those who can't play musical instruments... i couldn't play shit 3 year back. Software is everything.
I "use" to live on samples. For those who don't know, its snippets of audio, a bass line, a keyboard playing 4 chords. I use to take bits and pieces and put it all together as something new. Shit i still do that, just not as dependent as before la...
The 3 songs you can here from my blog and the one i put up for download were all done on SONY ACID PRO 6. 100% loops...

Anyways just to sum things up since my mind suddenly just went blank... now a days i use multiple software to create a song... i finally pieced the flow of linking softwares when i was working at RAM Production. Now i'm working at a iMotion Production. for those who are using softwares like Cakewalk or Cubase for production, try using the ReWire function. even Fruity Loops has it.

Ok enuff is enuff... my production is something like this, work flow wise

- Start thing off with the drums on Fruity Loops
- Rearrange it and add elements with Acid Pro
- Add MIDI and more stuff on Sonar 6
- Export all the Fruity and Acid stuff to individual wave (Satu channel = Satu Wave file)
- Bring it all into Sonar and record vocals and Mix in Sonar 6
- Edit and Master the wave file in Sound Forge 8

now my secret is 50% exposed. the rest is 40% pure luck / skill and 10% my sample and sound library

Peace One