Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just a lil' 411

I was toooooo lazy to write EVERYTHING down... so i just dotted someout on Notepad and copied it over here... one of these days when i'm really rajin i'll post up my WHOLE info. if i can remember la....

The Rapaholics - 1999 to 2001

Mozart's Ghost - 2000 to 2002

Founding Member of NBC - 1999 to 2003

Featuring in albums

- Sekar Medusa + upus upus (remix)

- Atama + She Just Teasin Remix
+ Can't Stop The Sumazau Remix

- Max + Surat Khabar Lama

- Esther + No, No, No

- Lydia Kalidin + Tupus Ku

- Richado + Bayaha


Persatuan Arkitek Sabah + Produce remix (Jazz The Chemical Remix)

Atama + Produced 2 remix with my production partner Jessel
under the name Jazz The Chemical.
(She Just Teasin Remix & Can't Stop The Sumazau Remix)

Kinabalu Kings + Recorded, Mixed and produced 1 remix on their
debut SINGLE

Jonathan Tse + Recorded (Debut album)

Richado + Recorded, co-mix (album) and co-produced 1 song
Sumandak Kota Marudu

Memorable Christmas 2005 + Recorded, Mix and Mastered (album)

Arah Kiri + Recorded, Mix & Mastered (2 demo's & 1 Album)

Mantak + Recorded (1 album)

DeLasagos + Recorded, Mix (multi single)

Radio Gravity + Recorded, Mix, co-produced (1 demo & 1 album)

Andalusia + Recorded and Mixed (1 single)

Jiaja + Recorded, Mix and Master (Debut Album, in progress)

Sasuka + Recorded, Mix and Master (Debut Album, in progress)

Roman Dewi + Recorded, Mix, co-produce (Debut Album, in progress)

Soul Chamber + Record, Mix, co-produce (debut demo, in progress)

Peace One