Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something Analog

Ladies and Gents, esp those kind enough to read this here Blog. I thank you for your attention.

You read the title kan? OK... SOMETHING ANALOG

is a brand spanking new something so freakin different that you wouldn't believe!

Its a combination of talents... yours truly and Rainer Yong!
hhahahahahaha... eh... seriouly.

I'll be handling the beats and efx while Rainer will be manning the Guitar and Vox.
How will we sound... Err... take a listen to Team Sleep and you'll get the idea.
Quick 411 on Rainer will be up once i refresh my memory.

We should be starting work as soon as tomorrow! ahh.. bless the internet and e-mail. Even tho we're both in KK, we're tired of looking at each others ugly face!

On other news... i'll be playing Chill out and Laid Back music for the Sabahan Blogger's Gathering! (Will post more info on this later too)

Finishing a Beat for ThaRandomMC, and starting production on 2 tracks for Russell of SoulChamber.

Also in talk to do a remix of one of Infinatez song.

Really lazy now... and i need to record my own stuff too....

Peace One