Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mixing Session(s)

Holla peeps!

Have to put some of my production duties on the back burner for a bit. Massive mixing session!! An album's worth of songs i previously mixed (that secret project) has to be re-done. Executive heads voiced out that its a bit on the heavy side and needs to be commercialized a bit. Dang it. Means i got to pull back on the guitars and up the vocals.

In doing so i realized i got to redo the drum mixes as well, which basically re-setting all the tracks back to zero and starting fresh!

So back to that zone where u have to envision how the track is going to sound before its done and guide it to that direction in the mix.... hence the reason i love my job... i llluuuurrrrrvvveee mixing!

Hell its tiring and at times confusing... but when u get to here the end process versus the beginning stage... Magic mutha *uckas.

Peace One

ps. big ups to the band for having the patience for the magic to work...

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