Sunday, August 17, 2008

News August 08

Howdy y'all.

How's life treating u guys and gals? Me. Hell a tormented month!! But hey we all have to live thru hell right?

So music news! Just wrapped up a song with Rainer under the name Locust Day Dream. Shit... i have no idea where the site adds went to... anyways... The track is called Devotion with Rainer on vocals and guitar and yours truly here on beats, efx and turntables. Track should be up for ears to listen to soon.

On another personal side project. After years of planning and thinking and ideas and planning and talking, a project thats been dear to my heart and dreams is finally hitting the studio, iMotion Productions Sdn. Bhd. studio to be exact! Ladies and gents i officially present:


yeah... no blog or nothing is up yet since we're only writting the track tonite. But i can tell you who are Digital Licks. Me, Yours truly ChrisPereira a.k.a. DECIPHER and Jessel CY
Who are we.... well... producers who use to produce under Jazz Tha Chemical.
Raise to fame... The 2 remixes on Atama's Album.
- Put Your Hands In The Air (Rockin Remix)
- Taragang Rasuk (She Just Teasin Remix)
and also some remixes here and there that you wont find on the net. so search those two out.

We both started in a band around 2000 under the name Mozart's Ghost. Jessel was on guitar i was on Vocals. Rapcore shit! Claim to Fame
- Opening act for Love Me Butch showcase
- Closing band for Informatics promnite
- Youth Fest @ Razmatazz
and tons other which i totally forgot!

So after all these years and planning. Its now the right time for us to do what we do best. Breakthru shit. Stuff ppl wouldn't think could come out of KK. Wait for it. 1st single will be on air before Merdeka. it'll free for downloading too.

2 of the best to do what we do.

Peace One


maslight said...

Sweet, looking forward for the tracks..anyways *cough cough

impedius said...

All the best buddy!